Purcell - Sound The Trumpet - Brass Quintet

Artur Gravitis
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Sound The Trumpet by Henry Purcell for Brass Quintet - arranged by Arturs Gravitis.

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Henry Purcell (ca.1659-1695) was an English organist and Baroque composer of secular and sacred music. He is generally considered to be one of the greatest English composers. Purcell`s Sound The Trumpet (1694) is a title song from the welcome ode, the last that Purcell wrote for James II, celebrated the King’s birthday on October 14. The song is originally written for two voices and accompaniment.

The item contains arrangement of Sound The Trumpet written for brass quintet. Difficulty level: 4* - arranger`s subjective opinion * 1 (advanced beginner), 2 (easy), 3 (medium), 4 (difficult), 5 (very difficult)

Total measures: 35

Concert Pitch: F

Meter: 4/4

Duration (estimate): 2:10