Pryor - Blue Bells of Scotland - Trombone and Piano

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Blue Bells of Scotland - by Arthur Pryor ( 1870 - 1942 ) for Solo Trombone and Piano.



This solo is one of the cornerstones in the entire trombone litterature. Performed and known by pretty much all leading trombone players in the world, and is a true challenge for intermediate and advanced performers.In 1892, the 22 year old Arthur Pryor from Missouri, self-taught on the slide trombone, arrived in New York City at the invitation of John Philip Sousa himself. At the first rehearsal of Sousa’s brand new concert band, Pryor so stunned the musicians with his virtuosity that the first chair trombonist, Frank Holton (for all the musicians out there, yes that Holton) offered to hand his position to the young newcomer. Sousa convinced Holton to stay, but in 1893, Arthur Pryor did assume the official position of featured soloist with the Sousa band. Over the next ten years, he performed 10,000 trombone solos with the group.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score/Piano part : 15 pages.
  • Trombone part in bass clef : 4 pages.