Pedersen - Village Band March - Brass Band

Mogens Andresen
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Village Band March ( Spillemands March ) by Laurids Pedersen ( Danish Composer ) arranged for Brass Band by Mogens Andresen.

Village Band March is a special old Danish march. In the 18th century the Danish army did not use music writing down. The knowledge of the military music of that time, is due to the fact that demobilized military musicians often settled down as village-musicians and wrote down signals and marches in order to use them between the dances.

VILLAGE BAND MARCH consist of two small march-tunes of Laurids Pedersen, composed in Vejen, Jutland, Denmark, at “Oxenvadsgård” at the end of the 19th century. The charming tunes and the change between major and minor make this piece a unique fine Vienna classic march.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score ( 8 pages )
  • Eb Cornet part
  • 3 Bb Cornet parts
  • Flugelhorn part
  • 3 Eb Horn parts
  • 2 Bb Baritone parts
  • 3 Trombone parts
  • Euphonium part
  • Eb Tuba part
  • Bb treble clef Tuba part
  • 3 Percussion parts

Youtube clip : Village Band March for Brass Ensemble, performed by the Royal Danish Orchestra Brass Ensemble.