Nielsen - 5 little Preludes - Brass Quintet

Mogens Andresen
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Carl Nielsen - 5 little Preludes - selected from Nielsen´s "29 little Organ Preludes" and arranged by Mogens Andresen.

Carl Nielsen was employed for a position as valve alto trombone by a Military Orchestra in Odense, Denmark in 1880. It´s known that around 1880 he wrote pieces for brass trio and quartet, but unfortunately, these pieces were lost somehow. A great shame, because it is very obvious that Nielsen truly loved the sound of brass - all his Symphonies bears testimony of this fact. If his brass compositions were still here today, surely they would have sounded somewhat similar to Mogens Andresen´s arrangments of selected 5 little preludes by Carl Nielsen -Nielsen compositions were originally made for Organ or Harmonium op.51.

 Here´s all 5 movements played by "Messing Monopolet" for the opening of "Our Savior´s Church" in Horsens, Denmark - 2017:


Mogens´s arrangements have a very special sound to them - Andresen has brought out the very unique sound of Nielsen - a true hit for any church or recital concert.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score (10 pages)
  • 2 Trumpet ( or Cornet ) parts in Bb
  • French Horn part ( Eb horn part included )
  • Trombone part in bass clef ( treble clef part included )
  • Tuba part in bass clef