Legends and Tales of the Renaissance I - Brass Quintet

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Legends and Tales of the Renaissance I - Of loss .. - by various composers, arranged for Brass Quintet by Richard Cardo.

This is a great collection for any renaissance gig or concert - Mr. Cardo has done a great job arranging these wonderful pieces. Since Robin Hood - Lost Friend. This piece is about Robert Green, a rival of Shakespeare's who passed away, considered by many the greatest talent in Britain. He was the first "professional" writer in Great Britain. Greensleeves - Lost Love. The piece is known variously as "My Ladye Greensleeves" or "Ladye Greensleeves" It is a plea from a man to his bored mistress. He is still enraptured by her but she appears not to love him anymore. Roslyn Castle - Lost Honor. This castle was a haven for the knights templar, who were blamed for the loss of the Crusades By the Pope.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score (10 pages)
  • 1. Trumpet in Bb
  • 2. Trumpet part in Bb
  • French horn part
  • Trombone part in bass clef
  • Tuba part in bass clef