Hoffman - Dances of the Valdemar Castle - Brass Quintet and Percussion

Mogens Andresen
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Dances of the Valdemar Castle - by Johann Michael Hoffmann - arranged for Brass Quintet and Percussion by Mogens Andresen.


In the 1800th century, the Castle of Valdemar, located at ”Taasinge” on Fyn – Denmark, there was a little orchestra, which musicians were employed in two simultaneous jobs: musician and waiters, gartners ect. It was perfectly normal at the time, that musicians would also occupy other jobs.The conductor for the orchestra, Johan Michael Hoffman, was also employed as a forrester. Shortly before 1850, he wrote a number of dances, hereof some of these dances are presented as “Dances of Valdemar Castle”.

This piece has 5 movements, describing a Harvest ball, where the mood of this ball is increasing in intensity.The piece is arranged for Brass Quintet & Percussion, in the style of a traditional old Danish brass ensemble.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score (19 pages)
  • 1. Trumpet part in Bb
  • 2. Trumpet part in Bb
  • French Horn part in F
  • Trombone part in bass clef
  • Tuba part in bass clef
  • Percussion part