Hansen - Bournonvillesque - Trumpet and Symphony Orchestra

Mogens Andresen
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THORVALD HANSEN (1847 – 1915):



Thorvald Hansen joined the Royal Danish Orchestra in 1884 and was principal trumpet until his death 1915. He was considered, not only the leading trumpeter of his time, but perhaps even the leading brass player in Scandinavia.

In addition to being a trumpeter, Thorvald Hansen was an organist substitute for J. P. E. Hartmann in Frue church, viola player in the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra, deputy conductor of Georg Lumbye in the same place, and teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Music – and then he was a composer. He is especially known for his pieces for cornet/trumpet & piano, a brass quartet and his cornet trios which are partly arrangements of other composers’ themes.

His concerto for trumpet, BOURNONVILLESQUE was written in piano short-score with indication of the instrumentation, and it is from these sketches the concerto is recreated by Ketil Christensen, Mogens Andresen and Daniel Drage. The concerto written in an early romantic style that points back to music by, for example, Felix Mendelssohn or Robert Schumann is quite a world sensation, because right at this time in the 1890s very little ”serious” music was written for trumpet and orchestra. In terms of form, however, this concerto is reminiscent of Hilda Sehested’s trumpet concerto, which Thorvald Hansen himself premiered in a version for trumpet and piano in 1905. Hilda Sehested (1858-1936) later wrote an orchestral version of her trumpet concerto. She was for periods a sheet music writer for Carl Nielsen. Incidentally, he himself had played the bugle in a military orchestra and wrote himself very exposed for brass in his orchestral works.

The accompaniment is also available for piano.


The sketches for BOURNONVILLESQUE come from the music collection collected by royal trumpeter Kurt Pedersen (1917 – 1997). It will be followed by other pieces found in this collection. Pieces written by Thorvald Hansen for brass instruments and symphony orchestra: Suite Erimitage, for 2 trumpets, a double concerto for trumpet and trombone and a serenade for horn. Together with Thorvald music for trumpet and piano (Sonate, andante and scherzo arranged for symphony orchestra), all pieces will be published by BrassMusicOnline.

 Here´s a clip of the piece - played by Ketil Christensen - former solo trumpet at The Royal Danish Orchestra, Copenhagen - and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Denmark.

This product is only available for digital download - the item includes :

  • Score (105 pages)
  • Solo Trp part in Bb
  • 2 Flute parts
  • 2 Oboe parts
  • 2 Clarinet parts in Bb
  • 2 Bassoon parts
  • 2 French Horn parts
  • Bass Trombone part
  • Timpani part
  • 1. Violin part
  • 2. Violin part
  • Viola part
  • Cello part
  • Contra Bass part