Frescobaldi - Toccata - Brass Choir

Frederick Lange
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Toccata by Girolamo Frescobaldi (?) (1583-1643) - Arranged for Brass Choir by Fredrick Lange

The term “toccata” is derived from the Italian word “toccare” meaning “to touch” and refers to performing a keyboard work characterized by “rhapsodic sections with sustained chord, scale passages, and broken configurations.” The exact origins of this famous work are not precisely known. It is first found attributed to Frescobaldi in a work by Gaspar Casado, Toccata for Cello and Piano -- Like Frescobaldi (1925). The piece was arranged for orchestra in 1942 by Hans Kindler, Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, and for band in 1956 by Earl Slocum, Director of Bands at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. It shold be noted that the toccata does not appear in any of Frescobaldi’s published works for keyboard.



This arrangement for 8-part Brass Choir requires a highly-skilled Piccolo Trumpet player who is asked to perform many florid passages in the altissimo range (frequently to concert Eb)

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score
  • Piccolo Trumpet in Bb
  • Trumpet 1 in Bb
  • Trumpet 2 in Bb
  • Trumpet 3 in Bb
  • Trombone 1
  • Trombone 2
  • Trombone 3
  • Tuba
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