Cohen - Invasion of the Anteaters - Tuba Quartet

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Invasion of the Anteaters by Robert Cohen ('1945) - for Tuba Quartet.

The composers description : “Invasion of the Anteaters” musically portrays an eventful day in the life of an ant. The workers are busy doing their daily chores while unbeknownst to them their nemesis, the dreaded anteaters, are amassing in the surround bush. After signaling to begin the attack – a quote from Chopin’s funeral march – they make their move. The ants scatter; many are eaten but some escape. One ant is cornered as his attacker slowly and then more quickly stalks him. Finally, the ant makes a run and just as he’s about to be snagged by the anteaters sticky tongue, he scampers down an ant hole.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score
  • 1. Euphonium part in bass clef
  • 2. Euphonium part in bass clef
  • 1. Tuba part in bass clef
  • 2. Tuba part in bass clef

15 pages.