Belcke - Preghiera for Trombone and Brass Ensemble

Madsen Music
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Preghiera ( prayer ) is a piece for Trombone, made by Friedrich August Belcke (1795-1874 ) from Berlin, Germany.

Together with his fellow Trombonist from Leipzig, Carl Traugott Queisser (1800-1846 ), he created a blossoming era for the Trombone as a solo instrument. It sure was the era of the virtuosos, og thinking of the transportation possiblilties available in that time period, it was all about making use of the presence of huge celebrities, when they were in town. That was done by organizing music festivals, where the soloist could perform multiple times at the same festival. Being some of the most famous brass players, they actually were regarded as famous as the concurrent mega stars, like Franz Liszt, Clara Schumann and Niccoló Paganini. Belcke was touring Denmark 3 times in all, in 1832, 1825 and in 1838. It was on one of these tours he met Frederik the 7th, and therefor dedicated this piece to him. Note that the dedication is for king Frederick, which means the piece must have been written between 1848 and 1863.

Preghiera was originally written for Trombone and Piano, but is presented here in an arrangement for Trombone and Brass Ensemble, by Henrik Madsen.