Andresen - Three Danish Tunes - Trombone Quartet

Mogens Andresen
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Three Danish Tunes for Trombone Quartet by Mogens Andresen ( *1945 )

3 DANISH Tunes for 4 Trombones and percussion was comissioned by The Danish Trombone Quartet for a recording project consisting of old Scandinavian tunes. Even though the piece were meant to be for Trombones, the low brass parts can easily be played by 3 Euphoniums and Tuba. The first 3 movements are representing each its own tune, and the 4th movement is a mix of these 3 tunes.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score ( 26 pages )
  • 1. Trombone part in bass clef
  • 2. Trombone part in bass clef
  • 3. Trombone part in bass clef
  • Bass Trombone part in bass clef
  • Percussion part