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Adagio in G Minor (Originally for Oboe, transposed to E Minor ) by Tomaso Albinoni ( 1671-1751) - Arranged for Brass Quartet by Brian Bindner.

Tomaso Albinoni wrote some fifty operas of which twenty-eight were produced in Venice between 1723 and 1740, while there are a few modern sources attributing - probably inaccurately - 81 operas to the composer. Today he is most noted for his instrumental music, especially his oboe concertos. He is thought to have been the first Italian composer to employ the oboe as a solo instrument in concerti (c. 1715, in his masterful 12 concerti a cinque, op. 7) and the first composer globally to publish such works, while it is likely that the first existing concerti featuring a solo oboe came from German composers such as Telemann or Händel, although probably unpublished. In Italy, Alessandro Marcello published his well known oboe concerto in D minor a little later, in 1717. Albinoni also employed it often in his chamber works

This purchase includes :

  • Score
  • 1. Bb Trumpet part
  • 2. Bb Trumpet part
  • Trombone part
  • Tuba part
Skill level : Medium