Bryan Doughty - Publisher, arranger

Owner of Cimarron Music Press - Music Express - BrassWorks4.

For the last twenty years, I have been a dedicated stay-at-home father and military spouse. While balancing these duties, I was able to create and nurture my own successful career in the arts as a music publisher, tour coordinator, music engraver, an advisor to those aspiring to make a living as a composer and most recently have stepped up to volunteer for my community in various roles for both the City and Board of Education.

I have two decades of experience that includes managing artists, developing new projects, creating commissions and consortium projects with an eye toward successful completion and performances, and growing an international sheet music company from 800 to over 5000 titles in fifteen years. As a small business owner and sole employee, I’ve had to be responsive to what my clients need in order to stay relevant. Both my business and volunteer work have given me opportunities to hone my research skills, develop and implement strategic plans, be responsive to the needs of my community, and learn how to effectively promote to grow and engage an audience.

My strongest asset is the ability to bring people together by listening, encouraging dialogue, appreciating our differences, and creating solutions to problems that some may not agree with but will understand.

Here´s Bryan Doughty´s Collections: