Youmans - Carioca for Solo Tuba and Brass Ensemble

Tobias Rägle
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Vincent Youmans (1898-1946) - Carioca for Solo Tuba and Brass Choir - arranged by Tobias Rägle.

Edition Hohenlohe

Stage directions for “Carioca” Carioca may be used as a theatrical encore. After the final applause the ensemble comes back to the stage without the first trumpet. There is a music stand for a potential soloist in the middle. The musicians look at each other in a clueless way and point to the empty stand (“Who’s playing solo?”). Enter the proud and self-assured first trumpet. The ensemble goes “Aaaah!” and listens in anticipation. The first trumpet plays the solo candenza. The ensemble obviously isn’t happy with the trumpeter’s performance and motions him/her to leave the soloist’s stand (“Not a trumpet solo again!”). The tuba player sheepishly raises his/her hand (“May I …?”). The ensembles gives off a surprised “Oooh!” and picks up at bar 5. Go!

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score
  • Solo Tuba part in bass clef
  • 4 Trumpet parts in Bb
  • Horn part in F
  • 4 Trombone parts in bass clef
37 pages.