Neumann - Love Waltz for Flugelhorn and Brass Band

Mogens Andresen
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Love Waltz for Flugelhorn or Vocal soloist and Brass Band - by Ulrik Neumann - arranged by Mogens Andresen.

Love Waltz was written by the guitar player, singer and composer Ulrik Neumann.This particular beautiful melody has a very special Nordic sound to it – and can in this arrangement be performed either by a Flugelhorn or as a vocal solo. If the arrangement is to be sung, the Flugelhorn has to rest in the sections marked by parantheses, and play everything else noted, which means that the Flugelhorn part is of a certain importance to the piece, soloist or not.

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score - 11 pages
  • Orchestration - see images please.