Music from The Royal Court of King Christian the 4th - Academic Brass Ensemble

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Music from The Royal Court of King Christian the 4th - Academic Brass Ensemble.
The Danish King Christian the 4th (1577-1648) was a keen music lover. In the time of his ruling (1588-1648) he was  able to attract quite a number of the most prominent musicians in Europe to come to Copenhagen, Denmark. This resulted in a extremely flourishing music era in Copenhagen at that time, and the town was the place to be for musicians in Europe.

INTRADA (1597)

Alessandro Orologio was an Italian trumpet player working in Czechoslovakia. King Christian the 4th was by 1597 so popular, that even if Alessandro was not employed by the Danish court, Alessandro dedicated many of his Intradas to the Danish King.


 JOHN DOWLAND (1563 – 1626):

The Brit,  John Dowland (1563-1626), is one of his times most famous composers. He often visited Copenhagen, and it was in this town under some of his visits he wrote his “LACHRIMAE” (or PAVANE OF TEARS) in 1605. This piece was a hit and nailed the current musical fashion with the noblemen by worshiping the more melancholic sound, and the piece had its victory rounds throughout Europe. Over the course of  25 years, this piece was the most famous melody in Europe. Many composers wrote variations based on this piece, or directly quoted the Dowland piece in the start of their copositions. Later on, Dowlands piece was republished with lyrics, and was by then called ”FLOW MY TEARS”.

Flow My Tears

John Dowland was higly regarded in Copenhagen, and received an extraordinary high wage – as much as an Admiral of the Royal Fleet. Maybe that was the King showing his gratitude for all the times the King was gloryfied by one of Mr. Dowlands many popular tunes – a “galliard” – which was the preferred court dance at the time. The original ( and very loong ) title of this piece is: “The most high and mighty, Christianus the fourth, King of Denmark, his Galliard.”

The Kings Galliard

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  • Score 22 pages
  • Bb Piccolo Trumpet
  • Eb Trumpet
  • Bb Trumpet
  • 1. Cornet
  • 2. Cornet/Flugehorn
  • 1. Horn in F
  • 2. Horn in F
  • Alto Trombone
  • Tenor Trombone
  • Bass Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Percussion