If you are interested in selling your arrangement or composition for brass on this website, please click below:

Become a Seller

Your music files must be in one of the following formats:

  • Finale
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
  • MP3 format ( If you want to sell audio files only )

Arrangements must be original reworkings of material in the public domain, which do not infringe upon the title and property in any musical work protected by copyright.

We will review your files to determine if they are suitable for our website. If they are, we will add them to our catalog and feature them as a new addition on our home page. It can take four to six weeks for your music to appear on our site after submitting it to us.

You decide the pricing for your music. We pay a royalty of 40% for arrangements, and 50% for original compositions (of the selling price). Payments are made bi-annual - January  and July 1st,  by PayPal when your account balance exceeds $10.00.

This agreement is non-exclusive. You may cancel with us at any time—simply by letting us know—and your music will be removed from our catalog. We reserve the right to remove your music from our catalog with 30 days notice to you (if needed for some reason).