Mogens Andresen - arranger, author and composer.

After working with the Falster Infantry Regimental Band in Vordingborg and the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, in 1974 Mogens Andresen became a bass trombonist in the Royal Danish Orchestra. In 1988-2013 Mogens Andresen was appointed professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and head off brass. Mogens Andresen was a co-founder of a brass ensemble from The Royal Danish Orchestra and “DANIA BRASS ENSEMBLE” plays Baroque trombone in the ensembles the Rosenborg Trio and Den Danske Violonbande.  With these ensembles he has made many recordings and has toured in Europe and USA. At the Royal Danish Academy of Music Mogens has formed a brass ensemble and a big band and with them visited European music academies in Scotland, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Latvia. 
Author of a trombone tutor book as well as books on the history of brass instruments. Writer of ROYAL DANISH ORCHESTRA The World’s Oldest Orchestral Institution (ALSO AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH ).
Composer and arranger of music for brass published on BRASSMUSICONLINE.DK. His compositions and arrangements are performed  worldwide, among others: The Brass Ensemble of the Concertgebow  Orchestra, German Brass, Brass Enslemble of the Berlin Philharmonic, The Danish trombone Quartet, the Danish Brass Quintet and brass ensembles of all the Danish Symphony Orchestras and military Bands.
 He has instructed and conducted a long line of brass ensembles at home and abroad.: DKDM-Brass, DKDM Big band, Millitary Band Fyn, Slesvigske Military Band, Schleswig-Holstein Festival orchestra brass-ensemble, Jeunesses Musicales orchestra’s brass-ensemble, Flexible Brass (Holland), Riga City Big Band, Riga opera Brass Ensemble, Brass ensemble from The royal Danish Lifeguards Band, Royal Danish Brass, Copenhagen Brass and students from conservatories in i Amsterdam, Oslo, Glasgow, Stockholm, Riga, Indianna USA etc . Have been invited to judge “International trombone association” competitions on several occasions.
 The recipient of the “Neil Humfield award in 2016 for Excellence in Trombone Teaching”
from “International trombone association”
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