Andresen and Drage - COLONIAL CONCERT - for Tuba and Piano

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COLONIAL CONCERT - by Mogens Andresen and Daniel Drage - written for Solo Tuba and Piano.

The West Indies was a Danish colony in the Caribbean region, consisting of the islands St. Thomas, St. John ( St. Jan in Danish ) and Saint Croix. The islands were seized from the West Indies and Guinea company in 1755 by the state of Denmark and Norway, ruld at the time by King Frederik the fifth. The islands were sold in 1917 for $25 million to The Unites States and named “United States Virgin Islands”. But in all these years, ships were constantly commuting and trading between Denmark and the Virgin Islands. These many journeys has inspired Mogens Andresen and Daniel Drage to compose this piece for Tuba and Piano.

COLONIAL CONCERT has 3 movements:

  1. The Islands
  2. The North
  3. The Sea

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  1. Score (24 pages)
  2. Tuba part