Sehested - Concert for Trumpet and Orchestra

Ketil Christensen
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"Koncert for Trompet og Orkester" ( Concert for Trumpet and Orchestra ) by Hilda Sehested (1881-1947) - Revised by Ketil Christensen.

Please enjoy samples from all 3 movements - played by Soloist Ketil Christensen and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra:


HILDA SEHESTED (1881-1947)

As a young girl Hilda Sehested studied piano with C.F.E. Horneman and composition with Orla Rosenhoff. Since she wished to compose chamber music, she had to learn a sting instrument and began to have viola lessons. Later she also studied the organ. Among her friends who studied with Orla Rosenhoff  was Carl Nielsen and she was one of his warmest admirers and belonged to his circle. Already in1894 she wrote to her sister in law that she has seen some piano pieces by Carl Nielsen “which to be honest impressed me. This little man would appear to be a big little man”. In his diary Carl Nielsen writes  that on the 10th of September he played for some friends “the Symphony, which surprised more than it pleased most of those present. Miss Sehested understood me best”. Hilda Sehested had the year before written to her niece: “Carl Nielsen has something of the spirit of the old masters”.

Hilda enjoyed composing for untraditional instruments, and in 1904 she was “exploring” the cornet. She wrote to a friend: “The cornet can get you to do anything. The first result was “Suite for Cornet or Trumpet and piano, dedicated to the principal trumpet in The Royal Danish Orchestra Thorvald Hansen. In 1912 the work was reviewed in a German military music periodical, and among other things the following was written: A composition for cornet by a woman is a rarity. And yet this suite is one of the most outstanding works of its kind with regard to invention, development and craftsmanship ---- the contrapuntal work betraying the hand of a master”. The suite was first performed in March 1905 at the Chamber Music Society by Thorvald Hansen. Up to 1915 she prepared an orchestral accompaniment to the Suite, first performed at the Odd Fellow Palais in Copenhagen, the soloist was Tycho Mohr. For this edition Torben Petersen has rearranged the wind section.

Hilda Sehested's Trumpet Concert was written at a time when a Trumpet concerts were rare. The rediscovery of this piece is therefore quite the sensation. This version is revised by Ketil Christensen and the first edition published with full score and orchestral parts.

 Mogens Andresen

This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score (59 pages)
  • Solo Trumpet part in Bb
  • Flute part
  • Oboe part
  • Clarinet part in Bb
  • Bassoon part
  • French Horn part
  • 1. Violin part
  • 2. Violin part
  • Viola part
  • Cello part
  • Double Bass part